Samanabedda Cave Temple


Amidst the forest lands of Uhana hidden from the pilgrims and archeologists is another creation of King Saddatissa, who ruled the Kingdom of Digamadulla under the governance of his brother Great King Dutugamunu.

Situated close to the Sri Dammarathana Pirivena, the ruins of this once massive cave temple are scattered over the forest without an archeological investigation. Drip ledged caves, of various sizes designed as abodes for meditating monks lay in despair while a ruined pagoda accompanied by stone pillars are found wrapped by jungle. One of the drip ledged caves had been updated at a later stage into an image house with a colorful reclining Buddha statue of the Kandyan era gracing space.DSC04474

Stone statues of yesteryear standing broken disheveled are found amidst the jungle while remnants of the building that sheltered them are found around them.

A stairway carved to the rock plateau leads to the top of the mountain where stands more drip ledged caves and a pond carved into the rock, an everlasting source of water. A ruined moonstone without description too rest desolate, used as a footstep by the monks who resides at the monastery.

The cave temple too had received their fair share of torment in the hands of treasure hunters while wild elephants roam the grounds at dawn and dusk.

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