Wadinagala – The Second highest peak in Galoya valley


Wadinagala, which stands 2400 feet tall against the Gal Oya valley challenging the brave and the reckless, is a roaming ground for elephants and treasure hunters, who ravage the remains of a monastery scattered over the mountain.

Standing majestically against the Jayanthi Wewa alongside Govinda Hela Wadinagala and its archaeological and environmental importance is less known to Sri Lankans, a great blessing to many illegal; treasure hunters and loggers, who haunt the mountain.

It is famed to be a peak, once considered as an alternative to bear the foot mark of Lord Buddha and its heritage in ancient Buddhism is visible in many ruins scattered around the mountain. Beautiful guard stones, rocks pillars and moonstones lie amidst the towering forest of ebony and satinwood, which is been plundered by treasure hunters and illegal loggers to whom Wadinagala had become a heaven of profit. 

Being the second highest peak of the Gal Oya sanctuary, the climb towards the peak is perilous and should be undertaken with an experienced guide as the mountain is streaming with wild elephants.

There are no clear paths to reach the top of the mountain and an unguided could be easily lost amidst the tracks made by wild elephants and hogs. Streams of icy cold-water streaming with leeches needs to be crossed more than once while rock plateaus and boulders needs to be climbed.

 Yet this difficult climb through forest covered paths infested with leeches, rocky plateaus and slopes of seventy degree angle leads to the top of the Wadinagala, a small angled rock, which affords a panoramic view of the whole of Gal Oya Valley, a climax worthy of such hard journey.

 The view captures the giant Senanayaka Samudraya, Jayanthi Wewa , Degal hela of Siyambalanduwa, Lahugala region, the Eastern coast, Govinda Hela, Panamapanguwa, Buddama hela, Muthukandiya lake, Meeyagala mountain range, Nape mountain range , flat plains of Wadinagala, Ul hela and other Peaks towards Nilgala, Udaparwatha hela, Mullegama, Inginiyagala dam and mountain in one creating a view rare and surreal.  

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