Arugam Bay – Where the shore is white and wide

Arugam Bay is a page from a surfer’s dream book where the shore is white and wide, surf is high and the waters clear and un-spoilt beach line stretching for miles.

Arugam Bay is at its best at sunrise when the sky and the beach provide a festival of colours. Fishing boats returning after the night catch, famous jumping fishes heading towards the beach and fisherman waiting with baited lines all join hands to make the perfect picture of a daybreak.

Most of the people in Pottuvil are fishermen and have returned to their vocation with the dawn of peace. Thus, Pottuvil is also the seafood paradise today with delicacies like prawns, cuttlefish, and crabs available at every food outlet!

The beaches are also ideal for sea baths although the waves could be too strong for an amateur.

The surfing season in Arugam Bay starts in April and ends in October. There are four main surf points in Arugam Bay including Arugam Point and Crocodile Rock. Although all of them provide a diverse experience of the sea, the sand, and surf the ultimate experience is the Peanut Farm or Pottuvil Point.

The best, lesser known and hard to get is the Peanut Farm to where the journey takes you through a forest inhabited with elephants. Nearly 20 minutes drive through the forest brings you to the clearest and the most beautiful beach ever to be created.

A long deserted, sandy beach dotted with some huge boulders at the water’s edge make these waves a favorite with some of the seasoned veterans. Pottuvil Point provides 800-meter rides from the outside section right through to the beach on the inside.

The magic about these waves is that for the most of it, a surfer can be working a four-foot face and be only a few meters from the beach as the wave grinds down the sandy point. The outside section sucks up and throws out as the swell raps into the point giving a 30-meter wall to work with before it fades as it hits the deeper water for about 10 seconds. The surf increases into the day so be sure to be at the beach by ten in the morning.

Surfers and visitors are often helped and hosted by small communities of fishermen who live in wooden huts among the forest and who are also keen to maintain the beach which is still heavenly.

Getting there

 Arugam Bay is nearly 340 km away from the capital of Colombo and is nearly 2.5 km away from Pottuvil. Peanut Farm is situated half an hour north to Arugam Bay and one must have a bike, motorbike or hire a three-wheeler to get there since public transportation is not at its best in Pottuvil. The road to Peanut Farm is written on the sand and is only visible as tire tracks through the forest and could be easily missed. However, any villager could give you directions to the point. 

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