Kuragala Buddhist Monastery

The Beta Analytic Institute of Miami, Florida that analysed the soil samples excavated from the ancient Kuragala site in Balangoda, has said it is the oldest archaeological find so far in the Intermediate Zone of the country.

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Nittaewo, the Dagger clawed people of Sri Lanka

From Sri Lanka’s little known past of folklore and jungle tales comes a story of hairy bodied, short and dagger clawed people known to many as Nittaewo, but did the country being an island nurture a different type of hominid, who lived parallel with the Veddas in the jungles of the East?

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A temple of Royal Union

It is a place where history was made when the daughter of King Kelanitissa, the ruler of the Kelaniya kingdom married the King of Rohana, King Kavantissa, which unified the southern parts of Sri Lanka in the Second Century BC. Built to celebrate this union which was to change the face of Sri Lankan history... Continue Reading →

Piyangala Forest Hermitage

Built in the First Century BC by the Queen Rajitha, the main wife of King Dutugamunu Piyangala Forest Hermitage remain a monastery up to today standing strong despite the thirty year war that stormed the Eastern Sri Lanka. Situated on a peak, the monastery is small in size compared to the other monasteries in the... Continue Reading →

Neelagiri Stupa – standing tall yet forgotten

Hidden in the vast jungles of Lahugala forest reserve and surrounded by wild elephants is the largest stupa in the Eastern Province of Sri Lanka. Built in the third century BC under patron ship of King Kawanthissa the stupa and the monastery around had been called ‘Uttara Seevali Pabbata Viharaya’ in its glory days. Alleged... Continue Reading →

Kotaweheragala Viharaya

  Linked to one of the prime births in the Sri Lankan history, the birth of King Dutugamunu, the whereabouts Kotaweheragala Viharaya, had remained a mystery to many a leading archeologists of present day. The legend that surrounds the birth of King Dutugamunu relates a story of a novice monk, who lived in a temple... Continue Reading →

Nagapabbatha Monastery in Bambaragasthalawa

Hidden amidst the Kudumbigala Wildlife Sanctuary and few miles away from the Kudumbigala Forest Hermitage are the remains of an ancient monastery lost to the time and the jungle. Ruins scattered over nearly 60 acres of jungle speaks volumes of its glory days but nothing moves a devotee other than the 36 feet reclining Buddha... Continue Reading →

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